What is a Cellular Trail Camera?

Trail or game cameras are one of the new innovations in the camera industry; they are remote cameras that activate when they detect motion. There are different types each having several features and functions. However, the big question is: What is a cellular trail camera?

Cellular trail cameras are trail cameras that are equipped with the ability to send images and videos to a mobile device either through text or email by using a specific network.

Staying up all day to watch for intruders or games can be tough and tiring; it is even severe because you may spend hours or days without seeing anyone or thing. A trail camera with cellular capability will, however, make the job easy by acting as a remote pair of eyes, capturing every ongoing activity for you. In the rest of this article, we will enlighten you with useful, intriguing, and detailed information about cellular trail cameras! Let’s dive in.

What is a cellular trail camera?

A trail camera with cellular capacity is a cellular trail camera. If anyone desires a trail camera that can send images and videos at any time regardless of the location, then a trail camera with cellular capacity is the perfect option.

Cellular trail cameras are the types of cameras that transmit data to other devices with the motive to control the activities of wildlife and humans through 3G, 4G, 5G, or other cellular networks.

It requires a specific network to convey information. You need to have a cellular trail camera data plan or SIM cards for game cameras before use. Most often than not, cellular trail cameras are designed with sharp motion sensors to aid motion detection. This is to ensure that every important movement is captured.

How does a cellular trail camera work?

A trail camera performs its function through its motion-detection feature. As long as motions can be detected, trail cameras with cellular capability will take pictures or record videos and immediately send notice to your mobile device or emails.

In several cases, cellular trail cameras are fixed in outdoor areas, because of this, it will be ineffective to use power adapters and route cables for its power supply. Due to this, cellular trail cameras are usually wireless and their main power supply is either through solar or through batteries.

How much is a cellular plan for a trail camera?

The cost of a cellular plan for a trail camera can be up to $1,000 per year or somewhere in between. The amount you will incur on a cellular plan solely depends on your trail camera and the amount of data you use. It is essential for you to know that the prices of cellular plans change at any time.

Here are the prices and costs of the cellular plan according to the companies that produce the trail cameras.


Spypoint is one of the greatest trail camera manufacturers in the world. The setting, accessing, and using their cameras are quite easy because they make it simple as they possibly can. They give just 4 data plans and it ranges from free to $16 for 4 weeks. Although Spypoint trail cameras seem to be one of the most expensive cameras in the market, their data plan is relatively low.


This company enables you to fix your cellular data package for your trail camera through their website. Bushnell gives you the ability to send full resolution images for a little addition in price. Although their data package is a little high compared to SpyPoint, it is still considerable. It offers $8.49, $16.99, and $25.49 per month respectively.


Covert offer their data in a different way compared to other companies. Their plans are based on network providers at different payment periods. Those who subscribe to payment on an annual basis receive a form of discount. Also, there is another payment plan for users who have an extra camera, so as to use their data plans together just like a shared plan.

What is the best cellular trail camera?

The best cellular trail camera is a camera that has all the key characteristics of top cellular trail cameras. Finding the best trail camera can be a tiring task, but when you look at all the options a trail camera offers, finding the best cellular trail camera becomes easy. Before we show you the best cellular trail camera, we will give you a manual on how to pick the best cellular trail camera worthy of your money.

Here are a few things to consider:

Is it water-resistant?

Water-resistance is one of the most important characteristics to look out for. This is to make sure that the cellular trail camera will be able to operate properly without obstruction under various weather conditions especially if the camera is for game hunting.

Pay adequate attention to its solid and water tightness. Trial cameras with IP66 or ratings higher than this are great for work in an outdoor environment. However, for reasonable protection from water, you may add protective coverings that are water-resistant to your cellular trail camera.

Nighttime Vision

Just like your mobile device, higher megapixel ratings will produce better quality pictures and videos. A good trail cellular camera must be HD or High Definition. This will offer an extraordinary night vision and will also be able to grasp details even in low light conditions. Some of these cameras with great night time vision feature are able to record night time videos in its true color.


Although cellular trail cameras with glows are good options for capturing images, however, it is not advisable to use a glow cellular trail camera as a security camera or while hunting. It can draw the attention of the target and dissuade them. Instead, opt for a no glow camera or a trail camera that has an IR function. With this function, you can disable the glow on your mobile device or through an app.

Cellular signal for cellular trail cameras

There is no point in buying a cellular trail camera without carefully considering your cellular signal. There are two major things to evaluate your cellular signals:

1. What network provider can my cellular trail camera work with?

While picking a cellular game camera for purchase, you must ascertain the carriers that they operate with via the product sheets. If there are two or several mobile services operating in your area, opt for the cellular trail cameras that work with network providers with the sharpest signals.

2. Make a decision about your cellular trail camera data plans before application.

A cellular trail camera needs data plans to transmit data, images, and videos. It is recommended that you go to a local mobile network provider and make inquires about data plans that suit your budget and meet your needs.

The battery life

The quality of a cellular trail camera is as important as its battery life. There are three ways by which you can check the battery life of your camera and also preserve it:

1. Test whether the trail cameras have an alkaline or lithium battery.

Alkaline batteries are good batteries that are suitable for your everyday use and also reasonably cheap. However, Lithium batteries do a better job. They can last four times longer than the former and also operate well under harsh, hot or cold climates.

2. Opt for rechargeable batteries or solar-powered batteries.

Buy a trail camera that you can recharge its batteries with normal powers or solar panels for consistent power. Outdoor use of trail cameras especially for game hunting or watching needs sustainable power so you don’t have to interfere frequently.

3. Adjust your cellular trail camera sensor sensitivity.

You will use more power if your game camera is triggered by trivial events. It will capture several less important images and videos. However, when you modify the sensor sensitivity, you will conserve power, SD card, and receive a less important notice and pictures.


A trail camera with cellular capabilities that have APPs on phones or the owner’s personal computer is able to give you notice once a special event is captured. This will help the owner to take quick action. Also, it can notify you to view live streams without having to move from your present locale.

Storage Options

A cellular trail camera has two main storage options: cloud storage and local storage. Cameras with micro SD cards will save all pictures and videos locally without subscription fees. You can watch those videos and photos remotely through your mobile device. However, for cloud storage, all pictures and videos can be uploaded to the cloud. So, there is no need to fidget about losing data.

The best trail cameras that possess all the characteristics mentioned above are:

1. Blackhawk 20 LTE

This camera is produced by Covert Scouting. The camera is designed with a developed machine-to-machine transmission with a firm, high-quality wireless web portal for exceptional cordless performance and capacity. Its features include wind and weather information, access to control of time, and fast viewing of images. It also uses a 4G network. It comes with a 20MP sensor and it can obtain up to 32GB memory cards. Its battery is 12 AA and it offers a field of view angle of about 64 degrees.

Check out the Blackhawk 20 LTE on Amazon

2. Code Black 20 cellular trail camera

This camera has 20MP sensor sensitivity and it delivers exceptional performance at nighttime as well. The viewpoint of this color can mask well as a result of the mossy oak design. It has a memory card slot of about 32GB and operates on 12AA batteries. It uses up batteries quite fast so there is a need to always have some backup. The camera has an inbuilt flicker technology and offers you with a field of view of 64 degrees. Its flash range is about 100 feet and it can capture up to nine images with the turbo shot burst characteristic.

Check out the Code Black 20 cellular trail camera on Amazon

3. Spypoint cellular trail camera

This is from one of the top competitors in the game camera market. This camera is widely known for its incomparable quality. The sensor resolution is 10MP, and though this might not be considered to be very huge, it still delivers an outstanding performance. It has a slot for a memory card so you can save what you want and share it at a later time. It possesses a LED flicker that is inbuilt and also sports a camo design. Its detection range is up to 80 feet and has a trigger speed of 0.5 seconds. This camera is quite suitable for short ranges.

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4. Link-Evo Spypoint Verizon Camera

This camera has a 12MP sensor and its performance is outstanding in nighttime and dark situations. It is certified with Verizon cellular service and delivers you with images all day without the use of an SD card or any other storage source. It is very simple to activate compared to other trail cameras. It comes with an app that will aid in handling everything that is connected with your activity. It sends images to your mobile device even in opaque conditions. It is built with 42 various high powered LEDs that capture extremely clear pictures at night.

Check out the Link-Evo Spypoint Verizon Camera on Amazon

5. S-LINK Trail Camera

This camera features a quick trigger speed of 0.07 seconds; you can be assured that no event would be missed. This is not all; it also detects motion that is about 100 feet away from it. Alongside, these features, it has a set of 42 LEDs that are inbuilt. They are designed to perform well in opaque light conditions. Your SIM card and media can be managed easily by using the free of cost mobile app. It offers a free plan that enables you to capture 100 pictures every 4 weeks without paying a fee. However, if the 100 pictures in 4 weeks may not be enough for you, there is an opportunity to upgrade to a premium plan. It runs on 4G and runs on 8 AA batteries. This can last for quite a good period.

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6. Wireless Stealth Camera

This camera comes with an activated SIM card and also has a 22MP camera lens. It functions on AA batteries and also has a reliable backup. It is not just available for remote viewing; it also has a remote link app that enables quick transmission of data. You can get use multiple cellular game cameras with just a single login. It is prepared with a 22MP camera lens and it allows 1080p resolution video. The focus range of this live camera is about 100 feet and there are 42 no-glow LEDs.

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7. Spartan Wireless Trail Camera

It is one of the wireless trail cameras with an exceptional trigger speed and it is the perfect option for a lookout. The camera comes with a tiny sensor of 8MP and it is perfect for short-range picturing only, however, it produces a high-quality image for that range. This camera can conveniently handle 720p. You don’t have to go through the stress of activating a SIM card, since it comes with one. The data storage capacity is up to 32GB and can comfortably function within the temperature range of -4F to 140F. Aside from this, the device also has a blackout IR flash that can capture images in dark climates.

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8. Moultrie Mobile Game Camera

This is the perfect plug if you are looking for a camera with an exceptional camouflage design. It provides an option of either using a Verizon or AT&T SIM with it. Regardless of the network provider, you opt for, you can send images to your mobile device or personal computer through this trail cellular camera. Aside from that, it also comes with an unnoticed flash. This will aid in taking pictures in the dark or daytime without the awareness of your target. It has a 20MP detector and can capture clear images in the dark. You can comfortably check your pictures from the app without any hassle. There is no need to enter any contract or pay a fee either.

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9. Browning Protector Camera

This camera with a 20MP detector works exceptionally well in the dark and also delivers clear pictures in dark environments. It operates on 8 AA batteries. The camera works efficiently either with alkaline or lithium batteries. Apart from that, it has an information bar display that can notify you about the date, time, or the present percentage of the battery including other information. The camera also includes an SDHC card of 64GB and 8 AA batteries which implies that you don’t have to buy them individually. Instead, you are getting more for less.

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