Do Trail Cameras need Wi-Fi?

Trail cameras are remote cameras that act as if they are in a perpetual computer sleep. However, once their motion sensors detect motion or even in some cases, body heat, they spring to action. Their shutters are triggered and they capture images or record videos of the target – whether humans or animals. However, you might want to ask: Do trail cameras need Wi-Fi?

Trail cameras need Wi-Fi! The Wi-Fi features are designed to help you set up, manage, and control your camera from a remote location. The best trail cameras in stores worldwide are Wi-Fi enabled.

Over the years, game watchers/hunters especially, usually check their trail cameras once in 4 weeks. While it was the best strategy at the time, the capturing of the target could not be ascertained because of changes that occur when hunters are not looking. In the rest of this article, we will provide useful and interesting information about trail camera Wi-Fi! Let’s begin!

Do Trail Cameras need Wi-Fi?

Trail cameras are usually used by homeowners, hunters, wildlife moviemakers, and biologists. This camera gives them valuable information about different creatures in their habitat, without the disruption of humans. Looking through what you have captured, you can discover what your target prey upon, how they prey, how active they are during the day and night, and even find out about different species in the habitat that you never knew of.

However, you cannot afford to spend all your time watching over your camera as this may disturb the habitat. Hence, there is a need to possess a trail camera that is Wi-Fi enabled.

This characteristic enables you to gain access to the photos without disturbing the game. It also gives remote access. Remote access is the perfect option for hunters and adventurers who are really mindful of their scents. Also, it is great for people who want to watch their property from a thousand miles away.

How Does A Wireless Trail Camera Work?

The traditional flash cameras that send prey away have been replaced with silent, HD video, infra-red flash cameras that will not awaken even the cleverest buck or experienced criminal. These awesome advances in the trail camera industry can only make us wonder what the next big hit will be.

The wireless trail camera is one of the awesome advances amongst others. So, how does it work? A wireless trail camera is a camera with a Wi-Fi signal. It is only able to send images through a connection. The Wi-Fi technology is a bit comparable to Bluetooth as they work within a similar range.

Wi-Fi works as a local area network (LAN) by enabling network-enabled devices to convey and transfer data through radio signals. The Wi-Fi bands are either 2.4 GHz or 5GHz.

In trail cameras, the motion sensors trigger the shutter to capture images or record videos whenever it senses motion or even body heat in some instances. Wireless capability enables you to set up and remotely control your camera from a distant area. You can connect with it by driving or walking within the range of the signal. It acts as a hybrid between regular trail cameras and a basic cell phone. It operates through a plan, a SIM card. It can send a certain amount of images; however, it depends on your choice and payment plan.

The advantages of using a Wi-Fi trail camera include:

• Transmitting photos and videos without extra charges as long as the Wi-Fi signal is present.

• Enables simple syncing and set up of the device.

• Provides faster and seamless transmission speeds

• The camera activates onboard Wi-Fi automatically and initiates the ability to download images.

• Users will get a notification from the server anytime new photos are available.

Best Wireless Trail Cameras

The wireless trail camera has become an essential and indispensable tool for any hunter or wildlife lover or anyone that wishes to protect his/her home or property. Several, if not every cellular company has inaugurated trail cameras that are reasonably cheap, however, picking the right fit can be hard if you don’t know what exactly to look for. Here are the characteristics to look out for in the best wireless trail camera to serve you and satisfy your needs:

• Power options.

• The image quality.

• HD video quality.

• Photo settings.

• The shutter trigger speed.

• Infrared LED.

• A LCD screen.

• Remote access.

The best wireless trail cameras are:

1. Browning Defender Wireless

This camera is Browning’s latest. It has the capacity to convey HD images and clips of videos to your phone. The speed of the trigger is adjustable. Also, it possesses an adjustable detection range, and Illuma- Smart Technology which delivers high-quality images even at night. It has several monthly plans that are pocket friendly depending on how many photos you are anticipating to upload.

Check out the Browning Defender Wireless on Amazon

2. Bushnell Wireless Impulse

This camera gives a contract-free cellular service that gives live camera views right from your mobile device. It has its own special app for your mobile device to make image viewing and management easy. The app also enables you to change the wireless trail camera’s setting when you want to. The setting is essential because it will regulate how many thumbnails you will receive every month.

It can send videos seamlessly. It also offers 150′ Wi-Fi connectivity. Images can be recovered in one-second. This camera is quite fast and this implies that little or no animal or human will slide through the detection zone without getting their pictures taken. It also possesses an Anti-Theft feature, which uses GPS to make sure that you can track down your camera if anyone tries to steal it.

Check out the Bushnell Wireless Impulse on Amazon

3. AW1 Covert

This is Covert’s latest camera; it is 20mp AW1. It has the capacity to take 10 shots, convey a 5-seconds video along with audio, and delivers a 100-foot flash range. It is also designed with a 5-second trigger speed and a 58-degree field of view to make sure you grasp the full picture of deer, or any other animal or humans. Images can later be viewed through the Covert Wireless web portal and mobile application.

Check out the AW1 Covert on Amazon

4. Cuddeback Gen 2

Cuddeback is not an alien in the camera world. Cuddeback broke into the class of best trail camera manufacturers by introducing its first generation of the CuddeLink system. The system permits cameras to talk to one another and send photos to the home camera; this is also one of the features of the new Dual Cell. The CuddeLink system enables you to have all the pictures from a maximum of 24 networked cameras sent to the Dual Cell.

Check out the Cuddeback Gen 2 on Amazon

5. Moultrie XV-6000

The new Moultrie XV-6000 is one of the best trail wireless cameras. It has a 16mp camera that offers a 9-second trigger speed and Illumi- Night Sensor to make sure that images captured at night are as sharp as that of the daytime. The camera also has the capacity to capture HD videos directly to the SD card.

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There is no fulfillment in buying a camera that does not have strong battery life. Spypoint Wireless Link-Micro-S-LTE is your perfect option if the battery life of your trail camera is your major concern. It is made up of integrated solar panel technology and a LIT-10 rechargeable lithium battery pack. You don’t have to worry about going back and forth every month to change the battery of the camera. It also possesses a 4-second trigger speed, detection range up to the 80-foot, 80-foot flash range, and outstanding photo transmission.

Check out the Spypoint Wireless Link-Micro-S-LTE on Amazon

7. Stealth Cam GX Fusion Trail Camera

Sometimes, it may be hard to set up wireless cameras, which is why Stealth Cam wields a quick-scan QR code to reduce the strenuous process with the new Fusion Trail Camera. It makes it quite easy to connect to Verizon and Global service providers. Also, it enables you to receive images almost immediately after being captured. The Fusion has a 22MP camera that uses a no glow flash and a trigger speed up to 8 seconds to capture quality images of humans, deer, and other animals either they are walking slowly or at a fast pace.

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8. Wildgame Wireless Innovations Insite Cell

This is the latest product of Wildgame Innovation and it works with their HunSmart app to evaluate images and aid you to draft out a hunting plan. It is also equipped with Tru-Dual Cams to optimize images, regardless of when it was shot either daytime or nighttime.

The Insite Cell operates globally on any network; it enables you to stream live videos from the camera to your phones and uses the Lightsout invisible infrared flash to keep itself as invisible as possible from targets.

Wi-Fi technology has come to stay in the trail camera industry and you will enjoy your trail camera experience better if you get a Wi-Fi enabled device today.

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