How Big Is A Sambar Deer?

how big is a sambar deer

The Sambar deer is a large animal, and there are lots of stories about how big it can grow. For example, the world’s heaviest recorded Sambar was shot in India in 1967 and weighed 818 pounds. The longest recorded sambar deer was found dead in China and measured over 10 feet long from head to tail!

But what is more important than these numbers is that this majestic creature has many adaptations that allow him to be such an impressive size.

What is the average size of weight and height of a sambar deer?

The largest sambar deer recorded was 10 feet long and weighed 818 pounds. However, the normal height for sambar is around six to seven feet tall and may weigh between 200 and 400 pounds, depending on their age and location. Male Sambar can be considerably larger than females.

What Makes The Sambar Deer So Adaptable?

Sambar deer have some incredible adaptations that allow them to grow so large even in difficult areas where food supplies are limited or the land is not very fertile.

Some of these include:

  • Large bodies such as antlers combined with small heads for ramming through the bush where they cannot see predators coming from behind.
  • Elongated upper canines that grow up to 10 inches and provide a long reach for more efficient hunting of other forest animals.
  • Tail hairs grow longer than the body hair with a stiff, rigid edge to make it difficult for predators to grab hold.
  • Hind legs are longer compared to the front legs helping them run very fast with a higher center of gravity.

How does the size vary depending on location?

There is no significant difference between sizes based on where you go in Southeast Asia. The biggest stag might be found anywhere with good forage for growth. But they never grow to their full potential in captivity because there is usually not enough food available to support this weight gain.

How does the size of a sambar deer compare to other deer species?

The largest deer in the world is the moose, weighing around 1,400 pounds on average compared to sambar. Elk or red deer are also larger than sambar, but not nearly as large as a moose.

Sambar average mass can vary depending on age and location of habitat but typically ranges between 200 and 400 pounds.

The sambar deer have many impressive adaptations that allow them to grow so large. Even though they never reach their full potential, you can still see these majestic creatures throughout Southeast Asia.

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