can you track a stolen trail camera

Tracking Your Stolen Trail Camera

Unfortunately, trail cameras are often the target of theft. This can be very frustrating, not to mention costly, especially if you have a expensive trail camera that is difficult to replace. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help track down your stolen trail camera.

What to do if your trail camera is stolen

If your trail camera is stolen, the best thing you can do is try to remember where the crime took place and when it happened. This information will be helpful when trying to track down your trail camera. You’ll also need to purchase another trail camera that has advanced technologies that will allow you to see the thief’s location from miles away.

Here are things you can do when trail camera is stolen:

Contact the police and your insurance provider

While it may feel like a waste of time and resources, talking to the police and filing a claim with your insurance company can still be very beneficial. The more evidence you have that supports the fact that you were robbed, the better chance you have at recovering your stolen property.

Purchase another trail camera with tracking capabilities

This is one of the most effective ways you can track down your stolen trail camera. Not only will this help you see who is trespassing on your property, but it will also allow you to watch for signs that could indicate that your trail camera has been stolen. This way, if/when someone attempts to remove the new camera, you’ll be able to catch them in the act!

Check the security of your other trail cameras

With a trail camera in hand, it’s much easier for thieves to go around stealing others. By checking your other trail cameras, you can catch any problems before they happen and head off potential future thefts.

Look for clues at the crime scene

Sometimes, catching the criminals is as easy as looking for clues. With a little bit of investigation at the crime scene, you can pick up on things that could help you locate your trail camera.

Visit pawn shops in the area

In addition to your local pawn shops, make sure you visit the nearby pawn shops as well. You never know when someone might decide they want to sell your trail camera for some extra cash.

How to track a stolen trail camera

The best way to track your stolen trail camera is by purchasing another one with advanced capabilities. While this may seem like an unnecessary expense at the time, it will be well worth it when you get your hands on the person who tried to rob you in the first place!

Here are some of the features that will help you locate your trail camera:

GPS tracking technology

This type of technology goes beyond just telling you which direction the signal is coming from or how far away it is. GPS can pinpoint locations down to a few feet and show you exactly where the culprit is hiding. If they attempt to run, don’t worry! These systems can even track people in real time through moving objects such as cars and trains.

Cellular tracking technology

With cellular tracking, you can see the location of your stolen trail camera on a map and pinpoint its exact coordinates. Like GPS systems, this feature is helpful when tracking down criminals because it requires no access to satellites or radio waves to work. Cellular devices do not require cell towers for this service so there’s no reason the thieves would be able to block it!

Motion activated video recording

If someone tries to remove your new trail camera from its hidden location, don’t worry about missing anything because motion activated video recording will automatically activate and begin recording. It won’t send you notifications that something has happened until after the fact, but this way you’ll still have evidence if they try getting away with it.

Combine one of these systems with cellular tracking and you’ll get real time notifications of where the signal is coming from, making it that much easier to catch the thief in the act.

Installing security cables that are specifically designed for your trail cameras can help prevent them from being stolen in the first place. Security cables offer protection against thieves who want nothing more than to get their hands on your property so you should definitely take advantage of them!

If none of these options work for you or if they don’t feel like enough to keep your camera safe, consider investing in a security system. While these types of systems are typically expensive, they’re very effective at keeping your equipment out of unwanted hands. These powerhouses combine all three features into one high-tech package that you won’t find anywhere else.

Tips for preventing your trail camera from being stolen

The best way to prevent your trail camera from being stolen is by using security cables and locking mechanisms that are specifically designed for this purpose! While it’s easy to believe that no one will think about looking under or behind any objects near your trail cameras, you can never underestimate the ingenuity of a criminal.

Whether they’re trying to cover their tracks or simply want to keep access open in case they need it later, there’s nothing more effective than these methods of protection. However, not every security group is created equal so be sure you choose one that works for your specific purposes!

Locking mechanisms secure the cable with a lock and key rather than just wrapping it around something. This type of system is discrete and isn’t likely to give anyone cause to investigate your trail cameras any further.

Cables are essential for keeping your equipment secure and out of the wrong hands. You should opt for security cables that are custom made specifically to fit your specific model and make of camera in order to get the best results and prevent theft in all cases!

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