do trail cameras have gps

Trail Cameras: Do They Have GPS?

As a hiker, hunter, or outdoors person, you may be wondering if trail cameras can track an animal’s location with GPS. This is an important question because, as technology has improved in recent years, trail cameras now have the ability to capture sound and video of animals in their natural habitat without disrupting them or having to be placed close to the ground.

In addition, some trail cameras also can track the location of an animal with GPS!

This technology can be incredibly important for anyone who spends time outdoors tracking or observing animals. By being able to track an animal’s movements and whereabouts, you can get a better understanding of their habits and behavior, ultimately leading to a more successful hunt.

Trail cameras with GPS are ideal for hunters who work hard to put themselves in the best possible situation at the right time, and now they can do just that.

How does GPS tracking work on a trail camera ?

Typically, trail cameras with GPS capabilities need to communicate directly with a satellite in order to function properly. This communication makes it possible for the camera to record and store exact coordinates and locations of animals in your photos and videos.

For example, if you find an animal footprint or scat on your property, you can take a picture of it with your trail camera’s GPS tracking feature. That way, when you go back out later, you know where to start looking for that animal again!

Trail cameras equipped with GPS capabilities also come with software (either online or downloadable) so users can view their photos/videos on an interactive map. These maps often show user-defined zones indicating specific areas of interest – so being able to track exactly where animals are located can help hunters scout ahead and plan their hunts better.

Where Can You Find the Location of an Animal?

Wildlife biologists and outdoorsmen alike are seizing this opportunity to learn about their subjects in new ways. A trail camera that uses GPS technology is especially valuable in mountainous terrain when trying to track movements from various locations simultaneously.

It is difficult enough when monitoring multiple cameras on foot. Doing so from a car or truck makes it even trickier! The great advantage GPS recording capability offers is the ability to pinpoint a location remotely and view it via satellite images on your computer monitor or mobile device screen.  

What kinds of trail cameras have GPS capabilities?

There are many types of trail cameras out there with different functions, so finding one with GPS is no easy task. There are some brands currently making trail cameras equipped with GPS tracking including Bushnell, Moultrie, Wildgame innovation, Browning, Reconyx , etc.

First, you have to choose one of many available models. The three main manufacturers are Bushnell, Moultrie, and Wildgame Innovations. On each model offered under these brands, there is an option to include or exclude your choice of GPS tracking capabilities.

Many models give you the ability to track multiple cameras at once!  Once installed with batteries, locate your device’s connection/outlet port and connect it to your computer via USB cord for your trail camera’s information to sync with your computer software. Now, with a few easy clicks of the mouse, you can track the exact coordinates of an animal using Google Earth!

Here is some trail cameras that have gps

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 14MP with Night Vision

The Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor is a good example of a GPS capable trail camera. It boasts an incredible 14-megapixel high definition image sensor for taking crystal clear photos and features night vision capability. However, what really makes this model stand out from the pack is the option to be able to track it via GPS! By syncing your unit to your computer, you can easily pinpoint its exact location.

Not only that but you can also program it to take pictures whenever it detects motion or sound at certain times throughout the day/night!  You can also set up “zones” in which camera will ignore motion within a specific area of the camera. For example, you can set it to ignore small animals that pass by, but for larger animals or humans who walk into the zone, the camera will activate and take pictures.

Spypoint Link-EVO wireless trail camera

The Spypoint Link-EVO is another high tech, innovative machine with an impressive list of features. In addition to having the ability to track multiple cameras at once or add more than one unit to your account, this model features a great 20MP resolution for taking crystal clear photos and has a 12-megapixel video capability as well. As if that weren’t enough, there is an option for live viewing capabilities right on your mobile device!  

Check out more trail cameras that have GPS built in on

What are some of the benefits of using a trail camera with GPS tracking capabilities?

One of the great advantages of a GPS-capable trail camera is that you can track your camera from a computer or mobile device!   You’ll never have to worry about losing it again.

What other benefits are there for using a trail camera with GPS tracking capabilities? The ability to set up “zones” so cameras can be programmed to ignore small animals and only activate when larger animals pass through the area you designate as being an area where humans or large mammals should not go.

This way, your batteries last much longer as the unit will constantly be monitoring smaller animals but not wasting battery life by always being on alert for potentially dangerous human intruders! In addition, GPS recordings allow scientists and nature enthusiasts alike to track animal movements in mountainous terrain and more. This helps them to better understand and protect these animals by studying their behavior more closely.

Trail cameras with GPS tracking capabilities enable you to easily track your camera’s location at all times! You can add multiple units to one account, set up zones where the camera will ignore smaller animals but activate when larger animals pass through, and allow it to constantly record while using little power thanks to built-in motion sensors that are programmable.  

These are just some of the benefits of trail cameras with GPS tracking capabilities. With its incredible functionality, there are many other reasons why this technology is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after features in hunting trail cams!

Who might find this technology useful

The ability to constantly track your trail cam is a huge benefit. It’s useful whether you’re hunting or simply nature watching.

Who might find this technology useful? The ability to tag locations as “safe” as well as zones where the camera will ignore animals and only react when larger animals enter those areas allows hunters to save on battery usage without compromising safety. This is a huge benefit for hunters who are constantly tracking their trails cams in remote locations.

In addition, nature enthusiasts can use the GPS capabilities of these trail cameras to keep track of animal movements over time and through different regions! This technology helps them better understand our wildlife and protect them accordingly.

Final thoughts

With all of these great features, it’s no wonder more and more hunters are choosing to use a trail camera with GPS capabilities. From being able to always track your cameras’ location to set specific zones where the unit will ignore smaller animals, this technology is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after features in hunting equipment!

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