What is the Cost for Verizon Wireless Trail Camera?

how much does verizon charge for trail camera

While many people may enjoy the great outdoors, few are ever able to capture what they see while there. That’s where the Verizon Wireless Trail Camera comes in- to help you take pictures and videos of all your outdoor adventures, without having to worry about missing anything.

How much does Verizon Wireless Trail Camera cost?

The camera itself costs around $120, and can be purchased at Verizon Wireless stores.

The monthly plans range in price depending on the features you want- for example, if you purchase a data plan with your camera it will run an additional $9.99/month. There is also a setup fee of $25 and a termination fee of $50 if you cancel your service with the company early.

What are some benefits to having Verizon Wireless Trail Camera?

The main benefit is being able to view all of your outdoor experiences without worrying about missing anything! You can check in on wildlife or see who’s hanging around your home. It’s also great for people who are simply interested in recording nature for later viewing.

What are the different features available for Verizon Wireless Trail Camera?

– You can choose between 4G LTE1, 3G, and 2G network connectivity.

– The camera features an 80° field of view to capture more of your surroundings.

– It also has quad core2 processor which helps make it easier for you to access the photos or videos you’ve captured on your phone or tablet.

Are there any other products available from Verizon Wireless?

Yes! Verizon Wireless offers a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, data plans , hotspots , etc. You can find these products either online or in one of their many retail stores .

Why would I want to sign up for service with Verizon Wireless?  

You will have access to expert support at all times, even if you’re not at home. You can also connect to the Internet anywhere you go, and take advantage of all the additional services Verizon Wireless provides!

Where can you purchase Verizon Wireless Trail Camera?

You can purchase Verizon Wireless Trail Camera at any of their retail stores. If you’d like to shop online, visit the Verizon Wireless website for all available plans and pricing.

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