Why Do Tigers Eat Sambar Deer

Why Do Tigers Eat Sambar Deer

Tigers are apex predators, and as such, they are natural-born killers. They eat what they kill, and that includes sambar deer. While it’s certainly understandable why tigers would eat deer, it’s still sad to see one killed and consumed.

The reasons why tigers eat sambar deer

These are very simple—they are hungry, and sambar deer make for excellent food.

While tigers can of course eat other animals like boars, fish, buffalo calves, etc., there’s simply no denying the fact that sambar deer make for exceptionally tasty meals. They are large prey animals (though not as big as elephants), full of meat, and completely free of poisons or nasty chemicals. They taste delicious to predators like tigers.

As far as sambar deer go, there is the reason why they would be specifically targeted by an apex predator like a tiger; not only because they’re easy prey but also because they tend to congregate in groups which makes it easier for big cats to kill them en masse. Even if one got away, others in the same herd would be drawn to its cries of distress.

Tigers are ambush predators, so this strategy works well for them. They get to eat sambar deer constantly without having to constantly go out looking for prey. When they get hungry enough, all they have to do is wait by a waterhole or trail frequented by herds of sambar deer and pounce when the time is right.

A tiger can kill any other animal but that’s not really what they want; it’s just something that happens if nothing else is available at the time being. Their goal is always food, and if there are sambar deer nearby, then tigers will naturally go after them first because they’re easier targets compared to buffalo, wild boars, and so on.

Even young sambar deer are prime targets for a tiger attack because they’re not as big as an adult or those that have been feeding on grass all their lives. They would still have some meat without being too tough to eat.

In the end, it’s no surprise why tigers eat sambar deer. They’re just doing what they need to survive in the wilds of Asia where food is hard to come by even if their habitat has been rapidly shrinking over the years. While we may not like seeing them hunting down these large animals, it does make more sense than say, going after a human being who knows how to fight back.

The benefits of eating sambar deer for tigers

There are numerous benefits to eating sambar deer, and tigers know this. Not only do they get nutrition from the meat of these large animals, but it also helps them remain strong enough to avoid predators like lions, crocodiles, and other big cats that would love nothing more than to take away their territory.

At the end of the day, all tigers want is to be left alone by other apex predators while they enjoy a nice meal of tasty sambar deer meat. That’s really what it’s all about; survival in an unforgiving jungle filled with innumerable dangers at every turn.

While we may not like seeing them hunting down these large animals (even though they’re delicious), there are countless out there who aren’t fortunate enough to be living in a place where food is plentiful.

It’s not the tiger’s fault that things are this way, which is why it makes sense for them to kill and eat whatever they want at any given moment. If sambar deer happen to provide enough meat, then so be it…tigers will go after them first without hesitation.

After all, there are very few things tigers would rather do than spend their days having fun with friends or family members while hunting down some tasty prey to devour whenever they please.

Tigers eat sambar deer because they taste great and are easy prey. Tigers do not want to kill other animals, but if there is nothing else available then it will happen. The benefits for tigers of eating these large animals include having more energy in order to avoid predators like lions, crocodiles, and other big cats that would love nothing more than taking away their territory.

It’s not the tiger’s fault that things are this way which is why it makes sense for them to hunt down whatever they can find when food becomes scarce or difficult to come by.

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