How to Store Camping Chairs: 6 Space-Saving Solutions

Tired of tripping over camping chairs that are constantly in the way? Dreading having to dig through a messy pile of dusty chairs before every trip? Struggling to cram bulky chairs into an overflowing garage? Proper storage is crucial for keeping your camping chairs organized, protected, and ready to grab at a moment’s notice.

This comprehensive guide covers smart storage solutions for minimizing the footprint of your camping chairs at home. We will explore techniques for getting chairs off the ground, keeping them clean and dry, and maximizing your existing storage space.

You’ll find tips that work for garages, utility rooms, ceilings, walls, and more. Follow these creative storage ideas and you can say goodbye to annoying, space-hogging chairs cluttering up your house. Implementing a few of these brilliant strategies will help rein in your unruly chair collection and make your life simpler.

So get ready to get those often-neglected camp chairs up off the floor and into a storage space where they belong. With a small time investment upfront, you’ll be able to quickly grab chairs anytime adventure calls without the typical struggles of digging them out of a messy pile.

Follow these 6 space-saving storage solutions to reclaim order and free up precious garage or utility room floor space:

Use Plastic Storage Bins

Clear plastic storage bins are ideal for corralling unruly camping chairs. Look for bins that are large enough to hold 2-3 chairs without cramming.

To store:

  • Open bin and place chairs inside. Break down any chairs that fold for flat storage.
  • Label bin with “camping chairs” and any details like chair color or model.
  • Stack bins neatly on shelving units or slide under work tables.

Plastic bins keep camping chairs protected from dust and moisture. The see-through bins make it easy to identify chair types at a glance. Just lift off the lid whenever you need to access the chairs.

Hang Chairs on Walls

Take advantage of vertical wall space to get camping chairs up off the floor. Lightweight aluminum or mesh chairs can be hung on walls using:

Camping Chair Storage Slings

These canvas sleeves securely hold a folded camping chair. Install sturdy brackets or mounting bolts to hang the slings.

Heavy-Duty Command Hooks

Adhesive command hooks designed for heavy objects can hold up to 25 pounds per hook. Use to hang individual folded chairs.

Wall storage keeps camping chairs accessible but out of the way. No more tripping over chairs or wasting floor space.

Use Storage Bags

For compressible storage, store camping chairs in storage bags:

  • Place folded chairs inside storage bags. Squeeze out excess air.
  • Zipper or cinch bags closed to compress chairs inside.
  • Vacuum-seal bags provide maximum space savings.
  • Hang bags from hooks or store on shelves.

The tight seal of storage bags protects chairs from humidity, dust, and insects. Storing chairs compressed inside bags conserves space.

Store in Lockers or Cabinets

Free-standing storage lockers or large cabinets offer an organized way to stash bulky camping chairs when not in use.

  • Place 2-3 folded chairs inside each locker.
  • Label lockers for easy chair identification.
  • Install high-quality locking latch for security.
  • Stack additional lockers vertically to multiply storage.

Lockers and cabinets keep camping chairs concealed but easily accessible. This garage or utility room storage solution minimizes clutter and gets chairs up off the floor.

Slide Under Workbenches

Make use of the empty space underneath work tables or workbenches to store camping chairs out of sight.

  • Fold up chairs flat and slide them horizontally under workbenches.
  • Install guard rails along the underside edges to hold chairs in place.
  • For table saws or other fixed machinery, slide chairs behind them.

This utilizes wasted space to discreetly store bulky chairs. It also keeps the middle of the floor open for safer garage navigation.

Build Ceiling Loft Spaces

For the ultimate vertical storage, construct overhead lofts to stash camping chairs above the floor.

  • In garages with high ceilings, build lofts along the walls. Leave a 4 foot passage space below.
  • Run plywood between 2×4 frames to create flooring. Install guardrails.
  • Lift folded chairs into loft area to clear floor space below.

Loft storage maximizes unused vertical real estate. Just be sure lofts can support adequate weight. This keeps the floor open while chairs remain easily reachable.

General Camping Chair Storage Tips

Follow these extra guidelines for fail-proof chair storage:

  • Break down any folding chairs before storage.
  • Clean chairs before storing to prevent mold or mildew.
  • Place padding beneath chair legs to avoid scratches.
  • Avoid hanging from ceilings, which can cause dust and spiderwebs.
  • Store chairs away from heat sources like furnaces or water heaters.
  • Check chairs periodically for signs of rust or damage.

With mindful organization and creative storage solutions, you can tame that uncontrollable camping chair collection. Free up precious floor space while keeping chairs neatly stashed but accessible. Utilize plastic bins, walls, storage bags, cabinets, workbench undersides or overhead lofts to store chairs based on your unique space.


Should I store camping chairs inside or outdoors?

It’s best to store camping chairs inside your home in a garage, basement, shed or storage room. Indoor storage protects them from damage from weather elements like rain, sun exposure, etc.

How can I prevent mildew or mold from forming on stored chairs?

Before storage, clean chairs thoroughly and let them fully air dry. Store in breathable bags or bins, not fully sealed plastic. Place desiccant packs in storage containers to absorb excess moisture.

What’s the best way to store chairs in a small apartment?

Look for folding chairs that compress into a compact size. Use storage hammocks or bags to hang chairs on the wall or slide under furniture. Take advantage of vertical space.

Is it okay to stack the chairs on top of each other for storage?

Stacking applies weight and pressure that can bend chair frames over time. Store chairs individually or with padding between if stacked. Don’t overload piles.

How can I keep my garage ceiling clear if I hang chairs?

Leave plenty of headroom beneath hanging chairs. Use high-mounted storage hooks. Hang chairs above workbenches or vehicles only, not where people walk.

In just a few hours, you can implement these storage remedies to bring sanity back to your cluttered garage or crowded mudroom. No more messy piles of dusty chairs dragging you down. Get your space organized so you can grab those camp chairs and head to the next backyard cookout or camping adventure without hassle!

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