What to Do in The Forest Game: The Ultimate Player’s Guide

You awake alone in the crash aftermath, dazed and frightened, as the sounds of the cannibalistic island inhabitants grow near. Survival is now key in the terrifying world of The Forest.

But there is more to do than just flee in terror. You can master wilderness skills, build elaborate defenses, explore secret caves, and even craft warped trophies from your fallen foes. This mysterious island offers adventures as dark as they are diverse.

So stash your snacks, light your torch, and prepare to unleash your wild side. From the bizarre to the brutal, we’ll uncover all there is do in this deep, dark Forest. Will you survive or thrive in the ultimate wilderness playground?

Survival Basics

Your first priority is meeting basic needs for food, water, shelter, fire, weapons, and medicine. Master these core survival skills:

Find and Cook Food

  • Hunt small game like lizards, rabbits, and birds
  • Gather and eat edible plants like blueberries
  • Catch fish in ponds and the ocean
  • Collect turtle eggs from beaches
  • Scan for fruit-bearing trees like bananas and oranges
  • Cook all meat and fish before eating to avoid food poisoning

Build Shelters

  • Construct small huts from sticks, leaves, feathers and grass
  • Expand to cabins, treehouses, and log mansions later on
  • Use natural terrain like cliffsides and caves for shelter
  • Add comforts like furniture, water collectors, and rabbit skin rugs

Make Fire

  • Rub sticks together or strike stones to ignite kindling
  • Construct fire pits, standing fires, and skull lanterns
  • Use fire to cook, see at night, and keep warm

Craft Tools and Weapons

  • Shape stones and shells into axes, spears, and arrows
  • Uprade to refined tools like axes, shovels, and climbing gear
  • Collect katanas, tennis rackets, and other weapons for defense

Find and Store Medicine

  • Apply aloe vera and chamomile as healing medicines
  • Stockpile bandages and healing meds in leaf pouches
  • Hang drying racks stocked with medicinal herbs

Learn these essential survival skills first before attempting more advanced activities.

Base Building and Defense

Once you’ve mastered basics, focus on creating a more permanent base with defenses.

  • Build log cabin mansions with custom furniture
  • Surround bases with spiked walls, traps, and patrol routes
  • Use tree platforms and ziplines to avoid enemies
  • Strategically clear trees and brush to improve visibility

Establishing a secure, well-stocked home base makes exploration easier.

Explore the Island

The Forest is set on a huge, mysterious island with many biomes to explore.

  • Discover peaceful meadows and tranquil ponds
  • Brave dark caves filled with mutants
  • Paddle rafts to new coastal areas
  • Unearth hidden caves and secret camps
  • Collect relics and documents to uncover the island’s history

Methodically explore to unlock new base-building materials, resources, and artifacts.

Decorate Your Base

Once you have a permanent shelter, get creative with decorations like:

  • Macabre furniture from bones, skulls and skin
  • Warning effigies built from enemy bodies
  • Graffiti your walls with cave paintings
  • Adorn walls with your child’s drawings
  • Display trophy collections of tails and heads
  • Garden with potted plants and leaf piles

Personalize your base with art, accessories, and gory trophies.

Download Mods

The Forest has a huge modding community. Install mods to:

  • Add new items, enemies, and blueprints
  • Increase difficulty through new challenges
  • Improve graphics and visuals
  • Cheat by activating “creative mode”

Browse modding forums to find the best user-created mods that improve gameplay.

Go Sledding

Once you kill a turtle, use its shell as a sled.

  • Ride turtle shells down hills and slopes
  • Construct sled runs and ramps
  • Attempt sled tricks and stunt jumps

Turtle sledding is a fun way to take a break from standard survival gameplay.

Pursue Side Activities

When you need a change of pace, try amusing activities like:

  • Play tennis with severed arms
  • Go cow tipping with wild boars
  • Toss dynamite into cannibal camps
  • Kidnap cannibals and trap them in cages
  • Start massive forest fires for fun
  • Attempt extreme cliff dives into water

Break up the horror with goofy and cathartic diversions.

Don’t Just Survive – Thrive

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in The Forest focusing only on survival. But don’t forget to:

  • Stop and watch sunrises and sunsets
  • Swim under waterfalls after tough days
  • Build treehouses to give a new perspective
  • Grow gardens of flowers just for beauty
  • Collect mementos like seabirds feathers

Find moments of creativity, peace, and simple appreciation. Don’t just survive – thrive!

The Forest offers endless ways to play, from purposeful survival to zany experimentation. Follow this guide to experience it all, master essential skills, and fully embrace what this adventure has to offer. Happy surviving!

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