What Do You Need for a Camping Shower?

The sun is rising over your tent as the birds gently sing you awake. You peel back the sleeping bag and take a big whiff of the crisp morning air. It’s time to start the day! But before cooking up breakfast, you’ve got to handle some other business first.

We all have to go, and when nature calls in the great outdoors, you’ll want to be prepared. Setting up a portable potty ensures you can answer the call of nature in privacy and comfort. With just a few handy supplies, you can create a camping bathroom that rivals the throne at home.

In this post, we’ll explore how to DIY a camping toilet and keep your wildernessescape hygienic. Let’s get started so you can focus on fun instead of focusing on finding a secluded tree!

Supplies for Creating a Camping Shower

The basics for a DIY camping shower are simple. With just a few key items, you’ll be feeling fresh in no time.

A water container – This will hold the water for your shower. A 5-gallon plastic jug or bucket works well. Make sure it’s clean.

A shower head or hose – Attach this to your water container to control water flow. A basic garden hose with an on/off nozzle is perfect.

A raised platform – Set your water container on a surface above your head, like a table or tree branch. Gravity will create water pressure.

A shower curtain or tarp – Hang a tarp or plastic curtain around your shower area for privacy.

Clothesline and clips – String up a rope between two trees to hang your shower curtain on.

A grill grate (optional) – Place this on the ground in your shower area so you aren’t standing in mud.

With just these basics, you’ll be able to create a simple but effective camping shower. Keep reading for more tips on heating your water and creating deluxe shower stalls.

Heating Your Camp Shower Water

Showering with cold water can be unpleasant, so you’ll want to heat your supply. Here are some options:

  • Solar shower bags – These bags have a hose and shower head attached. Leave in the sun to warm water inside.
  • Put water bottles in the sun – Heat several bottles of water in the sun then mix together for an instant warm shower.
  • Use a camp stove – Boil water on a camp stove and mix with cooler water for comfortable shower temperature.
  • Try a solar shower tent – This is a portable tent with a water heater inside. Hang your shower bag inside to warm quickly.
  • Build a campfire shower – Construct a simple stand over a low fire to heat a hanging bucket of water.

With a combination of solar power and fire, you can custom adjust your water temp for the perfect natural shower.

Creating a Deluxe Camp Shower

If you want to get fancy with your wilderness wash station, try these upgrades:

  • Flooring – Use a tarp or plastic floor runner to create a waterproof floor. Or assemble wooden pallets.
  • Walls – Use tarps, sheets, or mosquito netting to make enclosed shower walls.
  • Door – Hang a tarp or poncho over your shower entrance for privacy.
  • Shelves – Add wooden slats or plastic shelves to hold soap and shampoo.
  • Mirror – Attach a small mirror to a tree outside so you can fix your hair after showering.
  • Drying rack – Set up a clothesline or collapsible drying rack to hang wet towels on.
  • Seat – Place a camp chair or stool inside your shower so you can sit while bathing your feet.

With these creative touches, you can have a wilderness washroom worthy of a cabin! Just remember to conserve water when showering in nature.

Choosing a Camp Shower Location

Picking the right spot for your makeshift shower is key. Follow these tips:

  • Set up near a water source for easy refilling.
  • Find a private, secluded area away from camp.
  • Select a flat, clear site with drainage to prevent muddy puddles.
  • Stay away from trails, streams, and lakes to avoid contaminating water sources.
  • Clear the area of sticks, rocks, and debris that could hurt bare feet.

Take some time to scout the ideal shower spot before you start setting up. And be ready to relocate your wash station if needed.

Setting Up a Camping Toilet for Privacy

Along with your shower, you’ll want a private place to do your business in the woods. It’s simple to create a camping toilet using basic supplies:

  • A 5-gallon bucket to contain waste.
  • A toilet seat that fits snugly on the bucket.
  • Heavy-duty garbage bags to line the bucket.
  • A plastic trash bag or trowel for waste disposal.
  • Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes.

To set up:

  1. Line the bucket with a trash bag and secure the toilet seat on top.
  2. For women, use a second lined bucket to create a makeshift stand for squatting over.
  3. Place toilet paper, sanitizer, and wipes within reach.
  4. When full, seal the waste bag and dispose of properly.
  5. Replace the bag each time to keep waste contained.

Situate your portable potty in a private spot not far from your campsite. With this simple camping toilet option, you’ll be able to answer nature’s call in comfort and privacy.

Camp Shower Safety Tips

While DIY showers are convenient in the backcountry, be sure to keep safety in mind:

  • Supervise children closely and help young kids bathe. Don’t leave them unattended in the shower area.
  • Watch your footing on wet surfaces and use a floor mat for traction.
  • Secure shower components so nothing falls or shifts while in use.
  • Check water temperature before getting in to avoid scalding water.
  • Keep camp soaps natural to protect the environment and water sources.
  • Conserve water – take short showers using minimal water.

With smart precautions, you can stay clean and refreshed while camping safely. Enjoy your wilderness wash station!

Enjoy a Clean Camping Experience

After a long day of hiking, paddling, or other outdoor adventures, being able to shower right at your campsite is a real luxury. With the simple supplies and techniques covered in this post, you can create a functional shower and keep personal hygiene from slipping, even miles from the nearest bathroom.

Set up your wilderness wash station in a secluded spot near water and heat your supply for a comfortable shower temp. Add creative touches to make your camp shower feel like a relaxing oasis. And be sure to employ Leave No Trace principles when using soaps and disposing of waste.

The next time you head out camping, pack your DIY shower gear along with your tent and sleeping bags. Enjoy feeling fresh and clean while spending time connecting with nature – happy camping!

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