10 Best Long-Range Trail Cameras

Trail cameras are motion-triggered and they are great for remote surveillance within your home interior and also for external environments. For a trail camera to be qualified as excellent, it has to possess certain features – these features are dominant in the camera’s storage options, coverage length, and mode of transmission. With the emphasis on coverage length, one may ask: what is the best long-range trail camera?

The best long-range trail camera is the Agitato Game Trail Camera with 100ft Night Vision. Its long-range capacity is enhanced by its Super Low Light Sensor and its other features.

As highlighted in some of our previous articles, it is vital that you thoroughly research concerning the actual specifications that you want in your trail cameras. Sometimes, even the best cameras listed do have the ‘long-range’ feature specified. So, for you to know the best camera for your security, game watching/hunting needs, read on, and you’re sure to find one that suits your purpose!

10 Best Long-range trail Cameras

The best long-range trail cameras will be modern trail cameras that are capable of capturing images and video footage from a long distance. Having a trail camera with other outstanding features is excellent, but some users might decide to get trail cameras with an extensive coverage length. Their choice of a camera would be due to the reason that they want to capture as much footage as possible have value for their money.

People who decide on buying long-range trail cameras are well-advised and are on the right track. You may wonder why purchasing a long-range trail camera is a wise decision. The answer is simple – most long-range trail cameras are also designed with a powerful image and video resolution. These unique features make long-range trail cameras a must-have both for your security and for wildlife photography.

So, here are the top brands that make our list of 10 best long-range cameras:

Agitato Game Trail Deer Camera having 100ft Night Vision

The Agitato Game trail deer camera is a powerful trail camera coming under $70. It is the latest and best trail camera under Agitato’s Game camera series and is also an excellent pick for people who need a trail camera for home security. Although it might not seem suitable for home security, with its name and other features leaning towards game watching/hunting, it sure would amaze you with its powerful features.

This camera from the stables of Agitato features a “SUPER LOW LIGHT SENSOR,” which is the reason for its long-range. Its night vision trigger was designed with a Sony Starvis image sensor, which permits the trail camera to capture footage even when its night or low light.

The coverage length of the Agitato game trail camera falls within 100ft at night and 82ft during the day. Hence, if your emphasis is on the daytime long-range feature, then you should think twice though it’s inarguable that nighttime photography is more intricate due to the low ambient conditions. However, this camera is an exotic and powerful one; hence it would work for you irrespective of the period.


Trigger speed: 0.1 seconds.

Recovery time: 0.5 seconds.

Resolution: 20MP for MP4 mode.

Megapixels: 20MP.

Besides knowing its specifications/features, it is also vital that you know its pros and cons which have been resourced majorly from feedbacks from users. The pros and cons of the Agitato Game Trail Camera have been listed in the section below.


  • It is cheap.
  • It features a 100-foot night vision.
  • Its resolution is a powerful 20 megapixels.
  • It has a photo recovery time of 0.5 seconds.
  • It has a breakneck trigger speed of just 0.1 seconds.


  • Its trigger distance is 82 feet during the day.
  • It has a durability of just eight months.

You can check out the Agitato Game trail camera on amazon

Cuddeback Long Range IR Game Trail Camera

If you seek a trail camera with a difference, then the Cuddeback Long Range Trail Camera is your exact spec! This Camera brings high-quality captured images and videos and long-range surveillance to the table with its 20MP Camera. It can record MP4 quality videos. It can also capture MP4 quality images.

The Cuddeback Long Range Trail Camera allows users to specify the format they want the captured image or video to appear in to avoid the file’s resolution consuming too much memory.

The Cuddeback trail camera features a detection range falling within 100 feet and can be powered by eight AA batteries. It can also capture five photos per detection and has even been specified to capture beyond the specified detection zone. All these selected features make it an excellent camera for especially for home security.

Since just knowing about the camera isn’t enough, let’s briefly discuss the device’s features, which make it our number two camera.


Trigger speed: 0.25 seconds.

Resolution: 20 megapixels.

Detection range: 100 feet.

Recovery speed: 1 second.

Megapixels: 20MP.


  • The Cuddeback Long Range trail camera features 20MP Image resolution (clear images).
  • It is capable of producing wide-angle images.
  • It can operate effectively both in the day and at night.
  • This Camera features a compact and discreet design.
  • Users can select between time-lapse or detection zone mode.


  • Its battery life might reduce if users select advanced settings.
  • Its lens might experience internal fogging.

You can check out the Cuddeback Long-range trail camera on amazon

Moultrie Game Spy A-5 Trail Camera

The Moultrie Game Spy A-5 Trail Camera is a rugged camera that is great for home surveillance when placed in corners the culprit is likely to pass through. You might be questioning our choice of tone and words, but it’s the truth! Yes, it is, since the camera has a 5MP low-glow infrared resolution.

Irrespective of this camera’s flaws, it also has excellent features and capabilities qualifying it to get our number three spot in this article. Its camera can record images and videos in a 640 x 480 resolution. It also captures three consecutive photos in a one-second delay due to its multi-shot mode feature. The Moultrie Game Spy A-5 trail camera is also famous for its reliability and convenience in operations.

In terms of storage, the camera supports up to 32GB on its SD card slot and can store about sixteen thousand images and counting. The Moultrie Game Spy A-5 trail camera is powered by 8 AA batteries, which allows it to last for several months or even up to a year.


Trigger speed: 1.5 seconds.

Megapixel: 5 megapixels.

Flash range: 40 feet.

Video resolution: 640 x 480.

Resolution: 5MP.

Recovery delay speed: 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, and 5 minutes.


  • It features a built-in long-range infrared.
  • It has a remarkably fast trigger speed.
  • It can store images and videos in large quantities.
  • It has a wide range of detection areas.
  • It offers a multi-shot feature.


  • It features a more reduced megapixel resolution.
  • It produces inconsistent images.
  • It lacks any form of password protection; hence, a security breach/data theft is possible.

You can check out the Moultrie Game Spy A-5 trail camera on Amazon

Moultrie S-50i Game Camera

In this article, high-resolution long-range trail cameras are part of our primary focus, and the Moultrie S-50i Game Camera delivers these qualities efficiently. Although this trail camera has its price slightly higher than the rest, it offers a more effective performance. It is an excellent camera if you decide on choosing one with a mix of power and efficiency.

This camera features an excellent 20 megapixels image quality and a 1080P HD video, with audio included. It can also take long-range photos within 100 feet proximity using its invisible infrared flash technology. Aside from the fact that it captures long-range images, it can also take clear and impressive images, thanks to its unique 20MP camera resolution.

Although the Moultrie S-50i is an excellent camera for outdoor and indoor use, it lacks the trigger speed required for capturing quick photos of fast-moving targets. However, what it lacks in trigger speed, it makes up for in flash range – since a trail camera either comes with these two features or without one!


Megapixel: 20MP.

Trigger speed: 0.3 seconds.

Flash range: 100 feet.

Color display: Yes.

Recovery speed: 0.5 seconds.


  • It offers app and Wi-Fi connectivity features.
  • Its trigger speed is a breakneck 0.3seconds.
  • It has a high image and video resolution at 20MP.
  • It has a 100ft flash range.
  • It is relatively cheap for a trail camera of its quality.


  • Some users say that it has poor battery life.
  • Its megapixels could vary from what is specified in the description.

You can check out the Moultrie S-50i Game trail camera on Amazon

ScoutGuard Hunting Trail Game Camera

Though it is number five on our list, the ScoutGuard Hunting Trail Game Camera is a powerful long-range camera for home security. Whatever specs you might think it lacks, it makes up for in its extended range coverage. This scouting camera features an extra-long detection range powered by a 940nm invisible infrared technology.

The ScoutGuard Hunting Trail Camera is capable of detecting and capturing footage from over 120 feet away. It is an excellent camera for capturing images and high definition videos at night. It is also great for stills. If you’re worried about noise when an image is captured, then this camera will take care of that! Its 850nm LED infrared rays are invisible, so your target whether burglars or trespassers and animals won’t be aware that they are being monitored.

Unlike most other trail cameras, it has a trigger speed of 0.7s per detection, making it capture images fast. Although its trigger speed isn’t great, it is not the lowest of them. The ScoutGuard Hunting Trail Camera also consumes less power than most other cameras allowing it to be efficient and power conservative.


Trigger speed: 0.7 seconds.

Resolution: 20MP.

Flash range: 120 feet.

Megapixel: 20MP.


  • It sports excellent long-range detection features.
  • It consumes less power.
  • It has a wide-angle lens featuring a 110o colossal shooting scope.
  • It also has an 850nm invisible infrared technology.


  • It doesn’t have the needed AA batteries included in its delivery packaging.

You can check out the ScoutGuard Hunting trail camera on Amazon

Spypoint Solar Dark

Over the years, well-known trail camera makers have evolved and diversified their different methods of making trail cameras. They have added some improvements that have been of great benefit to people using trail cameras and taken away some other features. This camera is a perfect example of trail cameras that have undergone an evolution.

The Spypoint Solar Dark trail camera is a powerful camera powered either by solar energy or eight AA batteries. However, its video and image capturing resolution of 12MP is a little shallow for a device of its worth but what it doesn’t have in picture quality, it makes up for in its capturing range. Aside from its original 110ft flash range, the trail camera’s detection range has been said to even go beyond an exasperating 90ft! This particular feature makes it a powerful trail camera.

You might be wondering if the range is the same during the night –well, yes! It is the same. The camera’s resolution (although with 12MP) is low but it can capture clear and great pictures. The Spypoint Solar Dark also has 42 low glow LEDs and a lightning-fast trigger speed of 0.07s.


Trigger speed: 0.07 seconds

Resolution: 12MP

Flash range: 110ft.

Blur reduction: Yes.

Colored images: Yes.

Megapixel: 12MP.


  • It has a good trigger speed.
  • Its flash range is excellent for a camera of its price.
  • It has multiple charging options.
  • It is easy to use and setup.


  • It has a comparatively poor resolution.
  • It could be too pricey for people on a budget.

You can check out the Spypoint solar dark trail camera on Amazon

Bushnell Trophy Camera Essential E3

If you consistently follow our articles, you would notice that the Bushnell Trophy Camera Essential E3 has been previously mentioned. This trail camera is the best camera for people who have a tight budget. Aside from that, this camera also possesses outstanding features that qualify it to be our number seven on this list.

The Bushnell Trophy Camera Essential E3 has a super-fast trigger speed which allows it to capture three still images immediately after it is triggered. It can also be powered by solar energy like its primary long-range camera, although it lacks any form of wireless capability, geo-tagging features, or powerful camera resolution. It is also capable of capturing images from 100 feet away, making it a great camera with an excellent flash range.


Flash range: 100 feet.

Megapixel: 16MP.

Video resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels.

Trigger speed: 0.2 seconds.

Resolution: 16MP.


  • It is a great camera, especially for night surveillance.
  • It is a noiseless low glow camera.
  • It can be powered by lithium-ion batteries, solar energy, or eight AA batteries.


  • It has a low image and video resolutions.
  • It has a comparatively poor recovery speed.

You can check out the Bushnell Trophy Camera Essential on Amazon

Stealth Cam G42NG

The Stealth Cam G42NG is a rugged camera that captures both image and video footage once triggered. It also features an external LCD that shows the device’s status and permits the user to change the settings and make necessary adjustments. If you had the HD video and image feature as part of your list of specifications of your dream camera, then this camera is your dream come true.

It was manufactured by Stealth Cam –a reputable company with over 15 years’ experience in the construction of trail cameras. Although an entry-level camera, it features a 10MP resolution with a 0.5 seconds trigger. Its infrared flash can also capture images of subjects from up to 100 feet away without the image being blurred. It can be powered by eight AA batteries as an alternative to its rechargeable 12V dry cell battery.

The Stealth Cam G42NG trail camera has a very durable protective cover making it weather and water-resistant.


Trigger speed: 0.5 seconds.

Resolution: 10MP.

Flash range: 100 feet.

Megapixel: 10MP.

Audio recording: Yes.


  • It features blur reduction.
  • It has an impressive flash range.
  • It has two main options for powering the camera – either through eight AA batteries or a rechargeable 12V dry cell battery.
  • It permits audio recording.


  • It offers low resolution for a camera of its type.
  • It has a comparatively poor recovery speed.

You can check out the Stealth Cam G42NG on Amazon

Covert Black Maverick Trail Camera Full HD1080P weatherproof

If you are a homeowner who pays necessary attention to detail, then you wouldn’t mind considering the Covert Black Maverick Trail camera in your list of cameras. These cameras are designed majorly for covert monitoring and supervision. They possess several no-glow LEDs that emit an invisible flash having a range of 100 feet. Also, thanks to Covert’s Maximum Silence image capture technology, this camera is allowed to be triggered via its sensor without being easily detected.

It is capable of capturing images at night from even up to 100 feet away, and thanks to its unique noiseless features, the targets’ attention won’t be attracted. The only issue you might face with this camera is its trigger range. Although relatively long, its trigger range is only 60 feet.

Another thing is that the Covert Black Maverick camera only captures 8MP stills and 720p-quality videos with audio. It can also accept storage cards up to 32GB. So we can safely say that it makes up for its poor resolution and flash range with its other features including password-protection against data theft.


Flash range: 100 feet.

Trigger range: 60 feet.

Megapixel: 12MP.

Video resolution: 1080p

Resolution: 8MP.


  • It supports 720p video recording with audio.
  • It is password-protected against unauthorized usage.
  • It features noiseless operations and no-glow LEDs for good night-time illumination.


  • It has a comparatively poor trigger distance.
  • It can only capture stills within 8MP resolution.

You can check out the Covert Black Maverick Trail Camera on Amazon

Wildgame Innovations 360 Degree 12MP Trail Camera

This camera is excellent for homes with open surroundings and a lot of vegetation. Although its infrared flash range is a mere 70 feet, it is an ideal home surveillance camera as one of its impressive features is its new and improved 360-degree content that is capable of covering most – if not all, parts of your home or surroundings.

Aside from its 360-degree coverage, it also features 720P video coverage capable of capturing HD videos. Most of its other features are not so impressive, but you can be sure that its 360-degree view will allow it to capture extended range footages. It is also a fantastic camera because of its durability, water-resistance, and convenience in usage.


Trigger speed: 1.5 seconds.

Megapixels: 20MP.

Flash range: 75 feet.

Video resolution: 720P.

Resolution: 20MP.


  • It has a 360-degree coverage range.
  • It has a 720P video resolution.
  • It is easy to use and setup.
  • It is water-resistant and durable.
  • It features an LCD viewing screen.


  • For a camera of its quality with comparatively low specs, it is quite expensive.
  • It has a comparatively poor flash range.
  • It features a 1.5-second trigger speed which is considered poor for a long-range trail camera.

You can check out the Wildgame innovations 360 Game trail camera on Amazon

Why do you need a Long-range Trail Camera?

Most times, people just own trail cameras without being aware of their intrinsic importance or benefits. Long-range trail cameras are great for capturing subjects from a far distance. After all, as humans, we always want to have as much information as possible about anything especially those things or happenings that have particular bearings on our existence especially the security of our lives and property. Understanding the other reasons why long-range trail cameras are essential will help you when selecting a perfect camera either for your home security or for wildlife.

Listed below are some paramount importance of using long-range trail cameras. Let’s check them out.

Clearer Image and Video output resolution

Image and video resolution are critical when choosing an ideal camera for your home security and wildlife surveillance. Most long-range trail cameras mentioned in this article have great resolutions for image production and video recording. A long-range trail camera with clear pictures and videos will help you spot who exactly has been trespassing on your property or which animal has been exploring your grounds.

A trail camera’s resolution is graded depending on the megapixels it has. Some cameras have as little as 10MP, while others have as large as 40MP. These cameras with 40MP are great for recording videos and capturing images even at night, making them a great choice if you consider buying long-range trail cameras.

Spot targets from a far distance

Just like their name implies, they are long-range cameras and are capable of capturing images and recording videos of events taking place from afar off. A typical long-range trail camera can pick up and detect activity going on within proximity of 100 feet. Such a feat is a great one and ideal for you if your home is located in the mountains or a vast expanse of land.

Cameras like the Wildgame Innovations 360 offer users the possibility of monitoring targets from 75 feet away and gives a 360-degree view of the environment. The 360-degree view feature of any trail camera is also considered significant because it also allows you to monitor other activities in the background.

Night-time surveillance

Most thefts and nocturnal animal activity are carried out at night, which is another excellent reason why you need a long-range trail camera. Night-time surveillance is crucial, especially if you live in an environment prone to theft. Trail cameras like the Agitato Game trail camera can capture activities within 120 feet at night. This feature is an impressive one, and as such, this camera takes our number one spot on the list of best long-range trail cameras.

Other great reasons why you need to have a trail camera in your home or on your property include reduced security risks and good value for money since long-range trail cameras have the best features among modern trail cameras.

Before deciding to buy a long-range or any other type of trail camera, we would advise that you take out time to read from the experiences of other trail camera users. You can access this information from the buyer reviews of these devices especially on Amazon. You can also find relevant and beneficial information on the user manual included in the packaging of any of them that you purchase. You need to carefully study it as doing that will go a long way at ensuring that you get the full benefits and have an exciting experience with that trail camera.

There are lots of articles about trail cameras and beneficial tips on how to use and set them up on this site. Simply use the search button and read through and you will be glad you did!

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